Current Research

1.    Design of RF MEMS Resonators for Communications applications


2. Calculation of loss mechanisms in Resonators


3. Ultra high tunable RF MEMS Varactor


1.    MEMS based optical components for NOC

2.    Low cost digital electrical  meter with advanced feature

 (R. Shirkhani)

3.    Low cost sensor network for agricultural applications

(R. Hassan Nezhad)

4.    Advanced flare detection system for petroleum industries

5.    Low cost syringe pump with enhanced specifications

(M. Alimohammadi)

6.    MEMS based automatic navigation system

(Y. Niazi)

7.    Ultrasonic assisted water treatment system


Advanced Dimatix material printer (DMP2800) for 1um MEMS fabrication (to be provided soon)

4 advanced computer systems with full software support

4 high frequency digital and analog oscilloscope

50m2 area lab with complete support

Various programmers for microcontrollers

Electronics on board fabrication facilities

Lots of electronic sensors, modules and components

Different electrical motors for instrumentation applications

Electronic level microscopes


* Access to characterization facilities in Ilam University central Lab.